Sharon3Establishment of the EEO Trust 

The Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Trust was established in 1992 on the recommendation of the Working Party on Equity in Employment. It had 30 foundation members and its aim was to promote the business benefits of EEO to employers throughout New Zealand.

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Creation of the EEO Employers Group

In 1996, the EEO Employers Group was established to enable members to demonstrate their commitment to a diverse workforce. The EEO Trust works in partnership with EEO Employers Group members, now referred to as Equal Employment Opportunities Trust members, to create versatile and successful workplaces.

Recognising companies committed to EEO and diversity

In 1998, the inaugural EEO Work & Family Awards took place. These later became known as the EEO Trust Work & Life Awards and since 2012 have been the Diversity Awards NZ. Entrants submit comprehensive applications to demonstrate their commitment to encouraging diversity and work-life balance within their organisations and many of New Zealand's leading workplaces have been recognised through the platform of these prestigious annual awards. 

Relevant EEO research

In 1998 the independently researched EEO Trust Diversity Survey was launched. It is completed by members of the EEO Employers Group and other New Zealand workplaces, and measures the adoption and success of a range of EEO and diversity practices. In 2006, a Work-Life Survey was introduced and conducted on alternate years from the Diversity Survey. Since 2013 the Trust has run the New Zeland Diversity Survey in conjunction with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and with research undertaken by the New Zealand Work Research Institute. From 2015 this workplace diversity survey run across the country will be conducted on a bi-annual basis. 

Over the past 17 years, the EEO Trust has established close working relationships with workplaces, international experts in EEO, researchers and government departments to undertake research and develop information and guidelines to assist workplaces effectively harness the talents of New Zealand's diverse population.

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