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Have you met the Stars of our 2015 Awards? 


Congratulations PWC on 20 years as an Equal Employer

Last week marked the 20th anniversary of PWC as a Equal Employment Opportunities Trust Member. The EEO Trust's Chief Executive Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie and the EEO Trust Board Chair Michael Barnett presented PWC's CEO Bruce Hassal with a 20 year certificate commemorating the organisation's commitment to diversity and equality.

Vector Limited

Congratulations to Vector: 2015 Supreme Award winners!

Wednesday 26th August was yet another fantastic showcase of diversity and inclusion in the New Zealand workplace - the 18th annual Diversity Awards.

Huge congratulations to all the entrants and category award winners. If you were unable to attend, or would like to have another look at the stories and images from the evening. 

Our Diversity platforms 

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Diversity News 


What is the key to keeping older workers happy? 

Recognition, respect and flexible work matter more to older workers than what they get paid says the lead researcher on a study into the wellbeing of older workers.

“The good news is that workers aged 55 and over have relatively high levels of wellbeing and experience low levels of age discrimination at work,” says AUT Business School Professor of Work and Organisation Tim Bentley.  




The EEO Trust: Contributing to Diversity on an International Scale

Bev Cassidy-Mackenzie, Chief Executive of the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust, recently returned from presenting a paper on New Zealand's ageing workforce at the 16th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations in Hong Kong.

New Zealand has one of the fastest ageing workforces in the OECD and it is for this reason that we must take a pro-active approach to this looming issue.



Start your diversity journey with the EEO Stocktake 

It is hard to know where you are going if you aren't entirely sure where you are on your organisation's diversity journey. It is for this reason that the EEO Trust is proud to offer the Diversity Stocktake Tool: an innovative diversity tool that gives your organisation tangible data to help address areas of success or improvement.

Contact us today to learn more. 



The New Zealand Diversity Survey Results are out! 

A decade ago, the majority of employee surveys would have told you that career advancement opportunities were the number one priority for workings. How things have changed!

The latest findings from the NZDS paint a very different picture, with 2/3 of professionals in NZ stating that work life balance, including flexible working, is their top priority when seeking a new role. 


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