Diversity Toolkits

These resources are designed to help employers explore and implement a range of EEO and diversity management strategies.

EEO Trust Diversity Stocktake and Diagnostic


The EEO Trust can provide expert advice on diversity & inclusion to help your business to harness the potential in Diversity

We are pleased to offer solutions to what can often seem like a complex problem in terms of how best to manage diversity in your organisation. 

#HeForShe Toolkit

In January 2015, the UN Women's HeForShe Campaign launched the ‘Impact 10x10x10’ pilot programme, a framework which aims to create impact during the campaign’s implementation phase within 3 key sectors, notably within the corporate world.

The 'Impact' Corporate Framework Action Kit outlines ways in which corporations can take actions that demonstrably advance and empower women.



Guidelines for preventing and responding to workplace bullying

This best practice guidance booklet produced by Worksafe New Zealand and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) provides a useful resource with options and practical examples of how to prevent and respond to workplace bullying and harrassment. It can be used by both employers and employees to help define workplace bullying as well as providing tools for managing  it.


Diversity Top Tips 

Top Tips Resource - Empowering Women in your Organisation

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These top tips will help you improve equity in your organisation and allow all of your employees to succeed and thrive regardless of their gender. 

Top Tips Resource - Managing an Ageing Workforce 

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These top tips will help you make the most of your "wisdom workers" in an ever increasingly age-diverse workforce.

Top Tips Resource - Increasing Diversity in Your Organisation 

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These tips can help you get started on your organisation's diversity jouney.

Top Tips Resource- Bullying in the Workplace

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Top tips for creating and maintaining a healthy work environment whilst minimising workplace bullying and harassment

Top Tips Resource - Balance

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These tips can help you understand how to implement flexible working practices which will benefit your business and improve work life balance for your employees.

Top Tips Resource - Culture

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These tips can help you to build a work environment that values and respects different cultures

Top Tips Resource - Respect

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These tips can help you to encourage a respectful work environment for employees of all abilities 

Top Tips Resource - Engage

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These tips can help you make the best of opportunites to encourage an engaged, productive age-diverse workforce.