Business benefits of diversity

Why is diversity a business issue?

Nothing stays the same in the people business. Meeting the needs of diverse customers through innovative product development and great customer service all depend on making the most of our diverse workforce ...

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What are some examples of Diversity Initiatives?

Diversity Awards Initiatives Summary

How can employers develop an environment that encourages diversity and equality? Start by comparing your current initiatives to that of our 2014 Diversity Award Entrants: 

Initiative Summary 2014

What are the business benefits?

Improved recruitment

EEO/diversity practices can help ensure workplaces effectively tap into the diverse talent pool, hiring and engaging people with the skills and commitment they need to meet customer needs …

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How can employers capitalise on diversity?

Toolkits and assistance

Go to Diversity toolkits for a range of tools and resources developed to help employers capitalise on New Zealand's diverse workforce. Our library can suggest resources that may be useful for specific diversity issues.

Case studies

More than 100 case studies tell the stories of employers who are taking innovative approaches to accessing the skills, creativity and intelligence of their diverse workforces.

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