Archived Research Reports

Parents and work 2005

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This on-line survey was completed by nearly 4,500 parents who described what they need in order to be effective and creative at work and at home.

Disability and employment 2005

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This survey explores attitudes, accessibility, skills and opportunities in the workplace for disabled people. A total of 368 respondents contributed to this on-line survey.

Part-time work and productivity 2004

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This research paper explores demographic and lifestyle changes and the associated rise in part-time work.

Relationships and paid work 2004

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An extensive review of current research on relationships and paid work.

Fathers and paid work 2003

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This survey asked fathers how employers can support them to contribute effectively at work while being the fathers they would like to be.

Skilled migrants in New Zealand: a study of settlement outcomes, 2006

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Examines migrants' settlement outcomes, including employment experiences of living in New Zealand.

Mature jobseekers in New Zealand

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Research of 954 mature job-seekers about why they were out of work and for how long, how they were seeking work and what barriers they faced to getting a job.

Recruiting Talent: A Research Report

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Recruiting Talent explores recruitment consultants' and HR professionals' views and experiences of discrimination against job applicants.

Employment Experiences of Sri Lankan Migrants in NZ

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A 1999 survey by the EEO Trust.