September 2011

A year of wellbeing

Quarterly themes keep diversity and work-life issues alive for the whole year at World Vision, an entrant in the EEO Trust Work & Life Awards 2011.

World Vision New Zealand takes a calendar-based approach to its EEO activities with different themes for each quarter of the year.

March to May is Wellbeing Quarter, when the organisation focuses on employees' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The rest of the year is divided into diversity, work-life balance, and fun themes.

So why do it? "It gives us a chance to focus on a particular aspect of work-life balance," says HR Co-ordinator Claire Vincent. "We try and embrace the concepts in our day-to-day working lives throughout the year, but having the quarters allows us to bring in more specialised programmes."

World Vision New Zealand employs 125 people from a wide range of backgrounds. The majority are aged between 25 and 40 and about 40 per cent have children.   

At the time of writing, Wellbeing Quarter was underway with activities such as budgeting seminars, health checks, flu vaccination vouchers and stress management information. Senior managers were right behind the activities, says Claire, and visible at many of the events. World Vision says it has been fortunate to have support and pro bono services from many suppliers and affiliates, which has helped keep costs to a minimum.

In 2011, for the first time, massages were available in the Auckland and Wellington offices while boot camp fitness classes were available in Auckland and Christchurch. Other new initiatives included fruit boxes on site and three lunchtime parenting seminars.

In 2011, Wellbeing Quarter this year happened to coincide with the aftermath of the February 22 aftershock in Christchurch. WVNZ tapped into its international systems and flew four staffers from around the world to provide a week of stress management training and emotional support for employees.