Research has shown that EEO Employers Group members are more likely to be active in diversity and EEO activities than employers who are not members.

Benefits of becoming a member

By becoming a member of the EEO Employers Group, workplaces can access a range of resources and benefits such as:

  • The latest national and international benchmarking data on EEO/diversity issues.
  • PowerPoint presentations for use in training, orientation etc.
  • Presenters for workshops, conferences and internal training.
  • Members briefings and workshops.
  • Access to resources from the comprehensive EEO Library.
  • Support in developing EEO strategies, goals and performance measures.
  • Monthly email updates on current EEO/diversity issues.
  • Members-only special offers and discounts.
  • Licence to use the EEO Employers Group logo in recruitment advertising and other media.
  • Opportunities for media coverage to help build employment brand. 
  • Framed EEO Employers Group certificate.