What does EEO mean?

Equal employment opportunities is about recruiting the very best people from a diverse population and taking advantage of their skills, creativity and energy. It means eliminating barriers to ensure that all potential employees are considered for the employment of their choice and have the chance to perform to their maximum potential.

EEO and diversity practices create versatile workplaces that set aside preconceptions to make the most of available talent.

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What sorts of activities does EEO cover?

EEO relates to all employment practices including recruitment, career planning, training and pay structures. It is a way of looking at every aspect of human resource management to ensure that people are treated fairly.

The advantages of implementing EEO

  • Removes barriers so all employees have the chance to perform to their best.
  • Gives a fair go to everyone who has a job or is trying to get one.
  • Ensures employers get the best person or team for the job.
  • Generates employee engagement.
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How can I introduce EEO into my workplace?

This will be different for every workplace depending on its size, structure and existing HR practices.

Suggestions include:

  • Developing the business case for EEO and diversity in your organisation.
  • Gaining commitment to EEO, especially from senior management.
  • Joining the EEO Employers Group to signify your commitment to EEO and receive support from the EEO Trust.
  • Consulting widely within your organisation to determine the EEO and diversity issues in your workplace.
  • Developing an EEO strategy outlining your workplace's commitment to EEO and how it will act on it.
  • Appointing an EEO co-ordinator to ensure EEO stays on the agenda.
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How do I become a member of the EEO Employers Group?

EEO Employers Group members commit to quality employment practices in order to achieve the business benefits of creating a versatile workplace. Members are licensed to use the EEO Employers Group logo on promotional material and advertisements.

 Visit our membership section. If you would like to contact an EEO representative to discuss becoming a member please email jnua@eeotrust.org.nz.

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Does the EEO Trust have any sample EEO policies or strategies?

Yes.  To view  a range of EEO, diversity and  bullying and harassment policies and strategies provided by members operating in a range of sectors, click here. 

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What does work-life balance have to do with EEO and diversity?

An important aspect of diversity and EEO practices is recognising that people lead rich and complex lives outside their working hours. By providing flexible work options and other work-life initiatives, workplaces can assist people to contribute effectively at work and meet their commitments outside work. Businesses benefit from improved retention rates, lower absenteeism, and having more committed and productive staff.

The EEO Trust Work & Life Awards recognise and applaud organisations that are supporting work-life balance.

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How will the new legislation on flexible working affect employers?

The following article from the June 2008 issue of Employment Today gives guidance for employers on working within the new flexible working arrangements legislation.

Flexible working guidelines (349K pdf)

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I feel I have been discriminated against at work, what should I do?

You can contact the Employment Relations Information line on 0800 800 863 for information on employee rights and employer obligations concerning the Employment Relations Act.

You can also discuss specific issues with your Human Resources department or a mediator.

The Human Rights Commission may also be able to help. Contact the Commission at 0800 496 877 or infoline@hrc.co.nz, or visit its website.

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I am new to New Zealand and am looking for work, can you help me?

The EEO Trust is not an employment or recruitment agency. We work to raise awareness amongst New Zealand employers of the benefits of EEO.

Members of the EEO Employers Group are committed to recruiting on the basis of merit. Browse through the list and visit their websites to see if they have any vacancies. Look for our logo in recruitment advertisements in the newspaper.

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What New Zealand legislation relates to EEO?

A number of statutes impact on employment relationships. These include: the Employment Relations Act 2000, the Disabled Person Employment Promotion Order 2002, The Human Rights Act 1993, the Privacy Act 1993 and the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Paid Parental Leave) Amendment Act 2002. These Acts can be found at http://www.legislation.govt.nz


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