Why work-life issues and flexibility are important

An important aspect of diversity and EEO practices is recognising that people lead rich and complex lives outside their working hours. By providing flexible work options and other work-life initiatives, employers can help build an engaged and productive workforce.

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Flexible working arrangements can include:

  • Compressed working week - eg. 4 x 10 hour days
  • Flexible leave provisions - including career break schemes, domestic leave, study leave etc
  • Telecommuting/teleworking
  • Flexible starting and finishing times
  • The ability to leave work suddenly to deal with family emergencies
  • The ability to take time off for appointments and make it up later
  • Job-sharing - where two or more employees share a job
  • Job-splitting - where one job is split into two or more part-time positions
  • Part-time work - permanent part-time work is an ongoing contract of employment, which means employees accrue cumulative benefits such as annual leave and sick leave
  • Phased retirement - a reduction of work hours or responsibilities
  • Temping
  • Casual work
  • Term-time working - where a carer stops work during school holidays
  • Time banking
  • Virtual teams (e-teams)

The EEO Trust Work & Life Awards

Since 1998, the EEO Trust has been honouring New Zealand workplaces that support workplace diversity and work-life balance at the prestigious annual EEO Trust Work & Life Awards. These awards, presented at a gala dinner in Auckland, celebrate and reward best practice in diversity management, and benchmark New Zealand workplaces on work-life initiatives.

EEO Trust work-life publications

Valuing work, creating value: Bringing work to life 2011
Entrants in the EEO Trust Work & Life Awards 2011 are profiled in this publication which tells their stories, exploring how supporting diversity and work-life initiatives work for them. 
To purchase Valuing work, creating value 2011

Versatile Workplace - Business Success
This publication focuses on the business benefits of EEO and effective diversity management, and offers suggestions on implementing EEO practices in workplaces.
Versatile Workplace Business Success (1.3Mb) pdf
If you would prefer a free printed copy, please email us

Diversity in Action
The EEO Trust's Diversity in Action magazine profiles news, research, case studies and events related to diversity and work-life issues. To view previous issues

New Zealand case studies
Success stories of diversity in the workplace.

Other resources
The Department of Labour's work-life balance project has produced a range of resources on work-life issues including employee and employer surveys.
Go to its website

The State Services Commission has produced a comprehensive resource on work-life balance which includes the business case, initiatives and solutions to consider and practical guidelines. This resource is primarily for the State Services but includes useful information and advice for the private sector.
You can find out more by visiting its website